TheVAPO ‘Market Place’ is a platform on the software that gives buyers and sellers, including individuals, the opportunity of buying and selling their products and/or services to their customers thereby making the buyer the seller. TheVAPO Market Place allows clients to purchase Tickets, Insurance, Hotel Reservations, Health Vaccination Card, Police Reports, Letter of Invitation .e.t.c. In Fact, virtually every form of travel accessory is involved.

TheVAPO Platform has enabled our clients conserve our their time and saved them a lot of stress. It provides a daily report on every form of data and/or Information on whatever country you wish to travel to. It provides information like the various embassies available to the country specified, the necessary documents required for the processing of the visa application, the visa fee and deadline and also the various visa categories available and their charges. TheVAPO also gives a direct URL TO THE APPLICATION FORM of ANY COUNTRY worldwide.

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Mobile Office for Travel Agents


The VAPO…..Visa Application Processing Office brings to you the easiest and most accessible platform to visa applications and travel accessories in the comfort of your bedroom. This is the newest and latest form of development in the travelling industry in Nigeria. There is absolutely no need for stress or time wastage.

The VAPO Platform makes it not only easy and comfortable for potential travelers, it also provides a platform for clients on different levels. VAPO enables its clients to view which ever country they wish to travel to including all its necessary requirements and its charges.


It also provides a unique platform where we call the ‘Market Place’. This allows for our clients to have a platform to buy and sell their products and/or services to their customers.


For every application, a unit is earned. Register now at for more details.